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For the Journaler

Zebra Sarasa Pens

These are my ALL TIME favorite pens! They are weighty and sophisticated without compromising smoothness when writing.  This set is a steal for all three pens. They come in their own box (within the big box), making them perfect for gifting to one or multiple people!

Zebra Midline Highlighters

I literally got rid of all my highlighters except for these midlines from Zebra.  I love the color options and functionality of the highlighter! Gone are the days of only have the option of florescent yellow or pink!

Leather Journal

I truly love nothing much more than a new journal, especially when they are leather.  This journal is cozy and inviting, practically begging to be used while sipping a cup of coffee by the fireplace.

Transparent Sticky Notes

I didn’t know what I was missing until I invested in some transparent sticky notes! Being able to make a note, while note completely covering up that day in your planner, that verse in your Bible, or that page in your book is a game changer!

Pen and Highlighter Organizing Case

As a pen and highlighter girl myself, I would have chaos without an organizing case by my quiet time chair! These cases make it easy to travel (even if from one room of the house to another) with all your favorite pens, pencils, highlighters, or markers!

Hey Friends! The above links are all affiliate links. All that means is that I get a portion of the sale, but there is no additional cost to you!

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