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For the Homemaker

Danish Dough Whisk Bread Mixer

For the bread makers in your life!

Cutting Board with Containers

I (and I am certain most who spend any time in the kitchen) wish there was container under whatever it was we were chopping, grading, slicing, or peeling! Now our wishes can come true!

Fermenting Jar Lids

For that person who loves all things fermented – kombucha, sourdough, keifer – you name it, and these lids will protect it from fruit flies while giving it plenty of room to breathe and ferment!

The Essential Life 7th Edition Book

For the oil lovers in your life! This book is the master of them all, with every ailment under the sun and a solution to them all!

Soup Master Storage Container

Leftovers are great, for like one day. But then they have to go! What better place than to the freezer? Silicone storage containers make it easy to freeze leftovers to be enjoyed another day!

Hey Friends! The above links are all affiliate links. All that means is that I get a portion of the sale, but there is no additional cost to you!

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