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Hi friends! Welcome to Inspiring Heights! I’m Vanessa – a lover of Jesus, laughter, Hydro Flasks, coffee, Chacos, planners, pens, and you guessed it – inspiration! I’m a born and raised Montana ranch girl! My roots will show a lot around here and I am proud of that! I’m married to the most remarkable hubby, Ben and we have one fur baby Drax, or as I often call him, Draxy Poo.   

We are all in different places in life – young, not as young as we used to be, families no families, jobs outside of our homes or stay-at-home work and everything in between.  No matter what your season, there is always space for learning something new, changing up a rhythm that isn’t working right now, and growing in your faith.  That is why we are here! It is the mission of Inspiring Heights is to walk with our friends as we learn to create healthy rhythms, flourish in our faith, and to be inspired where our feet are.

I can’t wait to get to know you, friends! I hope you feel inspired here! 

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