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Hey Friend! Thanks for stopping by the Inspiring Heights website! I’m Vanessa - I am a lover of Jesus, organization and efficiency, and all things cows and Christmas.  I’m a born and raised ranch girl, turned social worker, turned business leader, turned entrepreneur and homesteader.  I’m a wife to my amazing husband, Ben and a dog mama to our two fur babies, Drax and Toodlebugs (yes you read that right, Toodlebugs!). 

I have this concept I talk about a lot - rhythmic living. I define rhythmic living as a continuous cycle of assessing what season of life we are in and creating habits, routines, and processes that support the current season. As a social worker who took my people skills into the business world to lead a mid-sized company through a season of the great resignation, an org re-structure, and a merger, I have seen how critical an awareness of our current season is.  Without a realistic pulse on where we are at, we wander, we make choices and takes steps that lead to failure, and we can rarely find a livable pace to walk through what’s in front of us.

This isn’t just in the business world, either. It’s in our personal day-to-day lives too! Speaking from a recovering workaholic, whose chased my tail more times than I would care to admit, there is great value in creating rhythms that prop us up.  I’d love for you to tag along with me as we unpack what this concept looks like in our real lives!

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